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Reporting channel

The aim is to promote investigation of actions contrary to the law. This channel has therefore been created to provide an accessible, safe and efficient means of communication for informants to transmit the facts they are aware of, ensuring the protection of those informants and avoiding any reprisals.

The different situations to be reported can be categorised as follows:

  • Privacy offences and computer trespassing
  • Scams or frauds
  • Asset stripping
  • Computer damage
  • Intellectual property offences
  • Industrial property offences
  • Offences relating to the market and consumers
  • Offences against the tax authorities and social security
  • Offences against natural resources and the environment
  • Bribery
  • Offences against employee rights

For further details see The Reporting Channel Management Policy.

Please note that the Reporting Channel does not deal with commercial queries or complaints. For this purpose, relevant telephone numbers and tools for customer service are available.

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