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Electrical installations must be durable, flexible and satisfy the requirements of the intended activity. Our experience in projects of all voltage levels, up to 400kV, allows us to carry out studies and designs in all types of facilities, whether for generation, transport or consumption, offering you a complete solution tailored to your needs.

We have the best electrical installation calculation programmes, the most advanced 3D design tools and the latest technology in equipment for fault detection.

Design and calculation of:
  • Low, medium, high and very high voltage power supply networks
  • Substations and transformers
  • Low voltage installations
  • Lighting studies
Restructuring and adjustment of installations for:
  • Changes in supply voltage
  • Electricity production
  • Temporary changes or new requirements
3D modelling to optimise the design and minimise interference.
Elimination of reactive energy consumption.
Power quality studies.


Mechanical engineering comprises a broad range of specialities for which it is difficult to have a single actor. Tresca Ingeniería has the knowledge and the right tools to deal with it successfully.

We integrate mechanical installations together with electrical ones and the construction in a single 3D model in which the execution of the whole is shown,, in order to avoid interferences and to have a clear picture of the needs and finish before the execution, where any design error means a high cost of resolution.

Design and calculation of:
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Chemical product storage facilities
  • General or local extraction installations
  • Medium and low-pressure gas networks
  • Liquefied natural gas plants of CO2, Nitrogen, etc.
  • Propane gas tank
  • Compressed air networks
  • Thermal fluid networks (steam or oil)
Adaptation of boiler rooms, legal or for new fuels
Adaptation of installations to reforms or new processes
3D modelling to optimise the design and minimise interference
Legalisation, documentation and updating of installations
Leak or fault detection using thermography


At Tresca Ingenieria we have developed a team of consultants specialised in structures. We know that both a good design and a good optimisation of the structure reduce costs and facilitate the execution during the construction phase.

At Trescawe can establish operating conditions throughout the lifetime of any structure from its conception to adaptations and redesigns moving in different areas.

Structural Calculation Projects for building, civil engineering and industrial construction:

Any typology: metallic structures, reinforced concrete, wood, mixed structures, etc.


Refurbishments require even greater effort than new building projects, in order to understand the current structure and find the optimum diagnosis and solution for the project.

Review of Structural Projects:

Partial or general reviews of any project including all the complementary information according to the client’s needs.

Optimisation and Recalculation of Structures:

We provide advice on incidents and problems arising during execution, recalculating any type of structural element, as well as the possible optimisation of all or part of the Structures project.



In many sectors of industry, it is essential to manage and handle a number of raw materials and products generated during the process , at TRESCA we have developed a work team capable of defining, depending on the type of product and its conditions, the different systems for its management, integrating:

  • Silos and storage systems
  • Rotary and sliding extraction systems
  • Hoppers and reception systems
  • Storage hoppers
  • Crushing and grinding systems
  • Screening systems
  • Magnetic and density separation
  • Rotary gates and valves
  • Rotary gates and valves
  • Belting and conveyor belts and chains
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Screw conveyors
  • Lifting and conveying systems
  • Crushing and grinding systems
  • Stackers and de-stackers
  • Disassemblers and assemblers

Tresca’s engineers have the ability to carry out a design and implement it in both new and existing plants that need to be refurbished on the basis of the process data.



The 3D Laser Scanning system called HDS (High Definition Survey) has become the new standard for precise measurements. This technology provides not only precise measurements but also reaches impossible places given its long range.

The resulting high definition scans and images bring a greater level of detail, accuracy and confidence to any project It is the most efficient method for classical, architectural or industrial surveying.

At Tresca Ingenieria we have developed through our experience in the industrial sector a department that offers and adds 3D laser scanning services for the generation of point clouds and photorealistic models to its already extensive portfolio of engineering tools and skills.

Either as part of engineering or consultancy projects traditionally developed by the company, or as data collection and 3D scanning services for industrial assets, TRESCA integrates the advantages and capabilities afforded by 3D laser scanning technology across its regular activities.



Machines involve continuous attention from managers of companies and industrial groups. There is a risk from the general handling of machinery, so we must consider the requirement that these have the most appropriate protection systems for the type of machine and the work system.

The basic legislation on prevention related to machinery is:
  • Royal Decree 1435/1992 of 27 November , transposing the content of the Machinery Safety Directive (89/392/EEC) into Spanish law.
  • RD 56/1995 of 20 January , amending R.D. 1435/1992.
  • D. 1215/1997 , of 18 July laying down minimum health and safety requirements for the use of work equipment by workers.

At TRESCA TRESCA we have developed work procedures that provide the European CE Marking and safety reports with a practical vision of the process, adding the OCA management thereto.

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