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At TRESCA Ingeniería we have20 years of experience managing the industrial change of our clients in more than 30 countries.

In the rapidly ever-changing world, we act in advance to ensure the future, feasibility and profitability of the industries we work with.

We assess and determine the most optimal solution, both technological and temporary, taking into account the plant’s process, consumption and investment.

The engineering and industrial consultancy services we provide, supported by our experience,respond to the challenges facing the planet and first and foremost, aim at building a better-functioning world.

The talent and knowledge of our professionals allow us to deliver innovative solutions in key sectors, for example:




Francisco Carro · Equipo Tresca

When you trust us for the development of a project or a calculation, you trust our passion for engineering, which comes from the desire to put our knowledge and experience at the service of the industrial sector.

In these 20 years of existence we have adapted to the changes that society and circumstances have imposed and we have tried to learn from every experience incorporating our proceedings to those things that make us better today. We keep on being where our clients ask us to be, using our expertise, developing our work and experience in industrial environments which are more complex and competitive, contributing to the continuous improvement and the efficiency of the industry.

In the last years we have included in our strategic plan even more ambitious goals that allow us to continue contributing to the improvement of industrial processes, developing more efficient and sustainable facilities for society to meet the goals and the prospects established to provide the present with the advantages of the future.

General Director

We live in a constantly evolving world presenting new challenges in the industrial and energy sectors and the environmental protection, which contributes to societal progress in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

objetivos de desarrollo sostenible



Our purpose – building a better-functioning world where ideas turn into reality- is a benchmark for the way we work.


This purpose is the light that allows us to develop our mission: to respond to industry challenges, by anticipating and managing change. We channel talent and knowledge through industrial consultancy and technical engineering services in order to build a world that works better for our professionals, customers and stakeholders.

Only in this way can we continue to lead industrial and energy change and transformation processes for our clients.




All activities that seek to satisfy the other and a life choice, where we choose to work so that the others achieve their goals.


All obligations assumed by us to achieve a mission and objectives, which reflects the intellectual and emotional implication and, thus, its personal contribution to success.


Teamwork multiplies the results and reduces the possibilities of error or failure. Helping the others to achieve their goals is a means of achieving ours.


Acting with personal integrity, transparency and equity is key, as it defines us as persons and represents our most important assets.


Our capacity to adapt and change according to the surrounding circumstances.


This guarantees that our works are valid, real and conclusive. Soundness and flawless professionalism are what characterize us and the reason why clients come to us.


Our capacity to strive until we achieve the goal we are seeking. There is no more powerful energy in the universe than the human will and determination to achieve a goal.


For us, it means risk reduction and confidence that things will go as planned.

reuniones Tresca Ingeniería

At TRESCA we base our actions on values that make it possible to determine our priorities, our way of working and our way of interacting with the environment.

Our commitment to the environment is based on sound, unwavering principles that are part of our essence.



20 years

  • 2001

    TRESCA Ingeniería is established

  • 2005

    Offices in León (Tresca moves to León)

  • 2012

    Pharma Division is added

  • 2013

    Offices in Madrid (Tresca opens office in Madrid)

  • 2015

    First international contract

  • 2016

    Relocation of Offices to Technological Park

  • 2016

    Relocation of Offices to Technological Park

  • 2016

    First RDI contract. Innovation Department is added

  • 2019

    Contract Award of a Chemical Synthesis Plant

  • 2020

    First contract for Green Hydrogen production

  • 2021

    Contract Award of EMT Hydrogen Plant



Our best value

The human capital of our team is our greatest asset. We try to ensure that those working in our organisation carry out their duties in line with a philosophy of customer service.

TRESCA team consist of more than 70 members who form a number of working groups that add value to every task we perform.

Francisco Carro · Director general

Francisco Carro

General Director
Rubén Badiola · Equipo Tresca

Rubén Badiola

Operations Director
Raúl rodriguez · Equipo Tresca

Raúl Rodriguez

Commercial Director
Alejandro Fernández · Equipo Tresca

Alejandro Fernández

Financial Director

Pedro Garcia Marin

Director of Chemical, Pharma and Biotech Division


TRESCA headquarters are located in the Technological Park of León, in the common-use building, with over 1000 square metres on the second floor of the building.

The offices have extensive working spaces equipped with the resources that each position requires, together with meeting rooms and common areas for leisure and relaxation.

TRESCA has an R&D&i Lab equipped with the latest technical facilities to serve its process and innovation areas.



mapa presencia de Tresca ingeniería

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